G-ICS Sandbox (it is pronounced Geeks Sandbox) is an industrial communication systems learning workshop and a control systems cybersecurity exploration lab.

Students will learn fieldbus and devicebus real-time communication networks and protocols in a "do it by yourself" learning game while testing, comparing and benchmarking control communication chains (device/controller(RTU)/supervisor).

Industrial partners will find an interoperability testing environment for ICS/SCADA equipments.

G-ICS Sandbox was started, at a small scale, in 2013 by a GIPSA-lab initiative. The full deployment of the lab started in 2014 thanks to Persyval-lab support, a CIFRE industrial collaboration with EURO-SYSTEM and FAIRE financial support frop Grenoble-INP.

G-ICS Sandbox is part of the larger PREDIS technological showroom of ENSE3.

Gforge project files

All files including board schematics, PCB, test program and interfacing are distributed under CC BY licence excepting EngineIO.dll file which belongs to RealGames and is distributed under Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)

All files are accesible via anonymous git.

git clone https://scm.gforge.inria.fr/anonscm/git/gics-hil/gics-hil.git

If you use any files from the git repository please do nont forget to credit us and cite :

Conference paper reference
St├ęphane Mocanu, Maxime Puys, Pierre-Henri Thevenon. An Open-Source Hardware-In-The-Loop Virtualization System for Cybersecurity Studies of SCADA Systems. C&esar 2019 - Virtualization and Cybersecurity, Nov 2019, Rennes, France. pp.1-16. ⟨hal-02371133⟩
Full paper and bibtex notice
https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-02371133/file/20191119_J1_080_S-MOCANU_Opensource_Hardware_in_the_loop_virtualization_v2.pdf BibTex